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Earth Changes

The focus for the lessons on Earth Changes (earthquakes, landslides and volcanoes) were targeted to the Science and Technology for Children (STC) unit Land and Water and the Full Option Science System (FOSS) unit Landforms. The lessons the teachers developed were designed to take advantage of the opportunity to integrate reading and writing into science.

The Earth Changes lessons will help students understand how earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions change the Earth's surface. We suggest these lessons fit at the end of the unit.

If you are an individual teacher, check with your Materials Science Resource Center (if your school district has one) to see if the Earth Changes lessons are already in the kit. If you do not have a Materials Science Resource Center, here are the resources you will need:

  • Earth Changes Lessons
  • Earth Changes PowerPoint
  • Earth Changes Books:
  • Time for Kids Earthquakes! by Barbara Collier, Harper Collins, 2006.
  • Time for Kids Volcanoes! by Jeremy Caplan, Harper Collins, 2006.

Question Quilt
This attractive interactive 2'x3' Question Quilt visually supports INQUIRY across the curriculum, with spaces for a dozen questions & answers written on 3x5 cards. The vinyl or laminated heavy paper surface multitasks easily if you choose to color-code different academic subjects. Including this classroom tool in your teaching practice encourages ongoing critical thinking, naturally develops literacy, and demonstrates connectedness within a system.

NOTE: Access to the internet and a projector are needed to show video clips from the National Geographic web site.

If you are a Materials Science Resource Center, each Land and Water (STC) or Landforms (FOSS) kit will need 12 color flipbooks of Volcanoes found in Part Three of the Earth Changes Lessons—a CD with the Earth Changes PowerPoint and lessons, and the Collier and Caplan books listed above.

Earth Changes

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Earth Changes

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