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STEM Education and Work-Based Learning

STEM Education Resources

The Office of STEM Education at PNNL engages in outreach efforts with teachers and administrators in school districts across Washington State that are part of a public/private partnership called Washington State Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform (LASER).

LASER is organized around a science learning improvement model featuring five key elements necessary to initiate, implement and sustain science education reform. See "Strategic STEM Collaborations" to learn more.

Education Resources
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Much of the work featured on this resource page comes from the Southeast Washington LASER Alliance, one of nine LASER Alliances. Southeast LASER serves school districts in southeastern Washington found in Education Service District #123. PNNL helps lead both the southeast and Washington State LASER efforts.

Computers for Learning

Computers for Learning (CFL) places computers in classrooms and prepares K-12 students to contribute and compete in the 21st century. This CFL website connects the registered needs of schools and educational nonprofit organizations with available computer equipment donated from government agencies and the private sector. The CFL program replaces Science and Engineering Education Programs' Equipment Gift Program.

CFL allows government agencies and the private sector to donate surplus computers and related equipment to K-12 educational entities. Arrangements to donate this technology to K-12 schools and educational nonprofit organizations can be made through this site. Special consideration will be given to those with the greatest need (those located in a Federal empowerment zone or enterprise community).

To learn more about application for excessed technology equipment for educational enrichment in K-12 schools and non-for-profit educational organizations, see the Computers for Learning website.

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