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Student Research Apprenticeship Program


This summer internship is a 10-week research-based  experience for students who are pursuing STEM careers. Students work with a scientist-mentor in a specific research area. We also provide educational, leadership development activities involving laboratory demonstrations, field trips, communications and career awareness workshops. In accordance with our diversity goals, preference is given to eligible students of Hispanic, African American or Native American ethnicity.  However, all applicants are welcome.

Note: Due to PNNL policy, students under 18 years of age are not eligible to work in laboratory spaces and may be restricted from certain kinds of field work.

Job postings open: Early February
(Positions will be posted at as they become available. Be sure to check often. See the "How to Apply" tab for more details.  Read each job posting carefully for closing dates.)

Start/End Dates: June  – August

Student must:
  • be currently enrolled in a public or private school and interested in pursuing a career in STEM or computer science.
  • be sixteen years of age at the time the appointment begins.
  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (from 9th grade to current standing).
  • be a sophomore, junior or senior at time of application.
  • not have obligations or plans that will necessitate an interruption of research during the tenure of their ten-week internship; therefore, vacations are not allowed.

Preference is given to students that have taken advanced placement courses.

See the Key Dates tab for current information about job postings. Once postings are open, a list of all high school internships will be available on the PNNL jobs website. Type High School in the search bar to find current openings. Read individual job postings for specific closing dates.


Include in one document:

  1. Cover Letter:
    1. Explain why you are applying.  Be specific.  Why do you want a research/summer internship opportunity?
    2. Convince the reader to look at your application.  The cover letter will be seen first; therefore, it must be very well-written, targeted and specific to the posting you are applying for.
  2. Resume:
    1. Educational Background and Academic Information, you may want to include advanced placement courses, a list of any computer programing and/or office skills.
    2. Include Personal References.
  3. Unofficial transcript:
    1. See your Counselor or Work Based Learning Coordinator for a copy of your transcript.
  4. Personal Statement: Describe who you are beyond your academic achievements and potential. Offer information in regards to what kind of activities, leadership or experiences you’ve had that contributed toward your interest in STEM?

NOTE: Bundle all documents into one PDF file for upload, the system will only accept one file. If you make a mistake, you will need to create a new profile and start the process over. If any of the components are missing and not uploaded in one-single PDF file, your application will be considered incomplete.

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